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What is an ECM?

Enterprise Content Management (or ECM) is a software solution designed to
manage all of the paperwork an organization creates during the day to day.
From reports and presentations to records and files, ECM can help keep your
important files accessible when you need them most.

ECM adds structure to your unstructured documents ensuring every Word doc and
Excel spreadsheet can be accessed and edited by anyone on your team at anytime

This includes paperwork and endless files that accompany accounting,
HR onboarding, contracts, and more. Right Business Solutions provides Enterprise
Content Management (ECM) services that take the paper shuffling off your plate
so you can focus on what’s in your wheelhouse.

Who Needs an ECM?

From medical practices and clinics to government contractors and commercial suppliers, any organization that creates paperwork needs a system in place to keep those documents organized.

Organization is the name of the ECM game and through organization comes a company
who is better equipped to run smoothly and effectively by streamlining business processes
and increasing productivity through effortless organization.

Using top-of-the-line ECM software from trusted manufacturers, we’ll take you from-

Paper piles and overflowing files

Hours spent
searching for lost

Unsecured records vulnerable to natural disasters

Arduous and antiquated file transfers

  • Sleek, clutter-free digital storage

  • Automatic, consistent file naming

  • Quick document capture

  • Instant file retrieval

  • Version control for updates and tracking changes

  • Secure Cloud storage: safely retrieve

    files from anywhere

You’ve heard what they say about the power of tidying up?

We’ll show you how.
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